• Hello Damras,

    My username is The Lord of the Lord of the Rings, and I am 14 years old. I have some question on how to play and get started. I would greatly appreciate it if you could help.

                Thank you,

    The Lord of the Lord of the Rings

    Long Live the Fellowship!

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    • Hello I am so sorry for my long period of inactivity...

      User:TheSlovakPatriot wants to revive this place so I am curius what will come of it...

      At first I guess you ought to choose a region where you want to settle

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    • Dear Damras,

      I would be elated if this revives and I will contribute in any way I can to keep it going. Where can I find the regioms? I thank you for responding to me.


      The Lord of the Lord of the Rings

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    • Well in this game the "regions" are being labelled as Districts... there are quite a few of them, their layout can be found on the map. However User:TheSlovakPatriot has started a new article called Middle Earth which makes a new categorization of the regions.... implying, I guess that the geographical stuff will be redone (I guess at least.. the number codes of his are a very good idea)

      Regarding the gameplay... I am not sure if it is comfortable, practical and user-friendly..

      My original version was found at the Gameplay guide however I guess we can cross out the enrgy section stat...

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    • If you're ok with it, I'm with you as well...User:TheSlovakPatriot called me. Tell me what to do to rebuild the game.

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