Political status:


Ruler: User:Damras
Form of Government:
Population 1
Races Men, Numenorean
Cultures Dúnedain
Ethnicities Gondorian Dúnedain, Commoner,
Districts: Osgiliath, Cair Andros


  • 1000 Gondorian Crowns
  • 500 Ducats
  • 1200 Fruit
  • 700 Grapes
  • 500 Wine
  • 2500 Grain
  • 500Bread
  • 1800 Cattle
  • 500 Meat
  • 500 Horse
  • 1100 Deer
  • 1100 Fish
  • 600Salt
  • 600Iron
  • 500Zinc
  • 600Lead
  • 500Nickel
  • 500 Tin
  • 700Copper
  • 600 Silver
  • 500Gold
  • 500Gems
  • 800Mithril
  • 1000Sand
  • 1900 Wood
  • 2600 Clay
  • 900Stone
  • 1200Marble
  • 500Bronze
  • 500Bow
  • 500Crossbow
  • 500Sword
  • 500Spear
  • 500Axe
  • 500Shield
  • 500Helmet


The Head of State is the King. Due to low population, , it is an absolute monarchy , but as soon as the population rises, he will try to occupy the offices of the:

  • Steward of
  • Captain-General
  • Treasurer (Minister of Finance)

And set up the Council of (parliament)

Local administration:Edit


The demesne consists of two districts: Osgiliath and Cair Andros.


Ithilien is a territory of , thus under direct administration from Osgiliath.


The four provinces of :

form the heart of the realm.They are being administered by Legates confirmed in Osgiliath, but administer their own matters independently. However, they are subject to Gondorian legislature.

Regional autonomyEdit

The Drúedain , an enigmatic people are being subject to Gondorian suzerainity but the local chiefs run their own offairs.


The two great fiefdoms of : Losarnac and Mornan are practically independent in their realms. however, their lords owe their allegiance to , and most of Gondors laws apply here.

Federated realmEdit

Belfalas is an ancient realm with close ties to the Throne of . The Princes of Lond Ernil are the most powerful lords in . However it is de facto independent

Client stateEdit

Rohan, given to Eorl by Cirion has close ties to . Its relation to is best descriped as a satellite/client state, with its own government, laws and stuff, but favouring in foreign policy



There are two citizens, Damras and TheSlovakPatriot.

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