So guys.. You just clicked on this site and I bet youre a little confused. Dont worry, I'll show you round this place so you can understand the whole thing in a few easy steps.

Step 1Edit

Create a character and settle him in a district. Go back to the home page and take a look at the needed player profiles. I made this thing for a  game balance, since it would be pretty bad  if lets say Isengard has more people there than Gondor and Mordor put together.

You can choose from a variety of 5 profiles (ethnicity and location). Choose the one you like best and  sign on the main page. Then create a user page and make it in the same format as mine : User:Damras.

Congratulations, the Population of Middleearth and our community has just increased thanks to you!

(Now create a user profile, fill in the infobox and add yourself an inventory(100 of each item, 500 resources of what you in your county).

Then visit your realm and county pages. Increase their population by 1.

Step 2Edit

Check out  the County youre in. Each county has a specific code and has a capital, some rural localities and then the countryside. Then is the time to build something. So take a look at the buildings on the page and build something.

How to do it?. Simply. Just decrease the number of resources you have in your profile by the build costs, and then go to the county page and fill in the data in one of the slots.

Each new player gets 500 of their local currency.

Step 3Edit

In the meanwhile you will get 500 of you local Currency, 5 land (or more if the government will grant you), 100 pieces of each of the Items and an extra 100 pieces of the resources with a productivity index over 1.5 in the district.

Player statsEdit

See page: Player stats



If youre the only citizen in your realm, you will automatically become head of state

The administrator of a district is known as the Warden.

Moving Edit

To move you need either a bag, a cart or a carriage.

With a bag, you may take 50 items withyourself

A cart has a capacity of 1000 items

a carriage has a capacity of 10 000 items.

100 Currency units, as well as Ducats count as 1 item

Travelling to the neighbouring district takes 4 hours


No wars are to be fought yet.

Most important: Have fun!